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Last Updated: Friday, 21 December 2007, 09:34 GMT
Bridge set for more repair work
More road closures to allow for maintenance to a bridge in Suffolk have been announced.

The Highways Agency will shut the harbour bridge in Lowestoft to carry out repairs to the opening sections.

The longest closure - in February - will see the bridge shut to road traffic for 106 hours from 23 February to 28 February.

Repairs should have been completed by 4 December but the condition of bridge components were worse than expected.

Harbour Bridge closures
2000 GMT 2 February to 0600 GMT 5 February
2000 GMT 23 February to 0600 GMT 28 February
2000 GMT 15 March to 0600 GMT 17 March

The work has been scheduled so that it does not clash with the closure of the Oulton Broad railway swing bridge.

Network Rail plans to close the East Suffolk line from 9 February to 15 February, with buses replacing trains between from Lowestoft Central and Oulton Broad South.

Linda Thornton, the chief officer of the Waveney Chamber of Commerce, said: "Our members all wanted to see the work completed as soon as possible.

"Our thoughts were if it wasn't done sooner rather than later, it would hit the Easter period and at least this way the work can be done before we start getting busy.

"I think there was frustration initially but you can't always see what's going to happen until you start unravelling things.

"The bridge repairs are long overdue, and it's better to have the repairs done now rather than have the bridge break down."

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