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Flask train crash motorist blamed
Sizewell B
The train was carrying a discharged nuclear fuel flask to Sizewell
A driver has been blamed for a crash in Suffolk involving his vehicle and a train carrying a nuclear fuel flask.

The accident happened on 22 May 2006 when the 19mph train was transporting an empty nuclear flask to Sizewell on a freight-only branch line.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report said a motorist did not halt at a sign and drove directly into the path of the train without looking.

No-one was hurt in the collision but the train and vehicle were damaged.

Warning device

"The gates at the level crossing had been left open for some time and could not be closed," the report said.

"The driver failed to look for approaching trains because he had never encountered a train at the crossing before."

The RAIB has made recommendations to reduce the chance of a future accident on the line.

Among the measures will be educating road users to close the barrier gates behind them after passing over the railway.

A spokesman for the RAIB said: "Safety information is to be communicated to users of the type of crossing where the accident happened and more inspection and maintenance is to be done.

"The crossing signs, where the accident happened, are to be improved and a warning device installed."

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