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Fitness fan's body 'set alight'
Dawn Walker
Dawn Walker was a "bubbly and happy-go-lucky" fitness enthusiast
A fitness enthusiast was murdered and her body set on fire by her boyfriend after she ended the relationship, Ipswich Crown Court has been told.

Dawn Walker, 37, from Fornham St Martin, Suffolk, said she was leaving Kevin Nunn after meeting an old boyfriend, the court heard.

Miss Walker's body was discovered next to the River Lark near Bury St Edmunds on 4 February 2005.

Mr Nunn, 45, of Woolpit, near Bury St Edmunds, denies murdering Miss Walker.

The court was told Miss Walker had been in a relationship with Mr Nunn for more than two years, but it was coming to an end.

Graham Parkins QC prosecuting said Miss Walker had told friends Mr Nunn was "jealous" of other men, and after meeting a previous boyfriend called Stuart White the relationship with Mr Nunn had ended.

"It is clear that Dawn wanted thereafter to be with Stuart White," he said.

River Lark death
Miss Walker's body was found in the river at Fornham in Suffolk

Mr Parkins said Mr Nunn had lied to the police about the events surrounding Miss Walker's death.

The court heard neighbours of Miss Walker heard the couple rowing on the evening of 2 February.

One heard a woman scream "get off, help me," before the screams stopped and a car was heard driving off.

Mr Parkins told the jury Miss Walker failed to turn up for work at a commercial printing firm in Bury St Edmunds the next day.

'Carrying heavy carpet'

On 4 February, Penelope Dale, a neighbour of Miss Walker, left home early in her car to get to work, Mr Parkins said.

She told police she saw Mr Nunn and another man carrying what looked like a heavy carpet or sack of potatoes at 0450 GMT.

When the two men saw her driving towards them, she said the second man dropped his end of the object and raised his hands and pointed in her direction before making off.

The Crown alleges the second man was Nigel Hill, 37, of Beyton, near Bury St Edmunds, who worked with Miss Walker and was friends with Mr Nunn.

Mr Hill denies assisting an offender. The trial continues.

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