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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
Escaped pelican perched in tree
Pelicans can carry 20 litres of water in their bills
One of the world's largest birds, which is native to South America, has been spotted in a Suffolk village.

A pelican, reported as having a huge wingspan, has been seen perched in a tree in Culford near Bury St Edmunds.

The RSPCA sent an officer to see if he could catch the bird but it had flown off before he arrived.

It is believed the bird can consume up to 2kg of fish each day. It may have escaped from a private collection or zoo, the RSPCA said.

"It's very unlikely that it would be a wild bird that has been blown off course," an RSPCA spokesman said.

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