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Brewery calls time on horse drays
Adnams' Brewery drayman Chris Orchard on one of his final delivery rounds
The horses made their last deliveries on Friday
A tradition of delivering beer by horse-drawn dray has been ended.

Heavy horses Sam and Monarch, which deliver beer to six pubs near the Adnams' brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, pulled their final dray on Friday.

Sam is 16 and is going into retirement but Monarch is a former show horse and will make a return to that activity after training.

Adnams blamed traffic conditions and the distance to a new distribution depot for ending the horses' careers.

The brewery is moving its distribution three miles away and bosses have decided the journey would be too far for the horses.

Adnams originally stopped using horses in 1953, but resumed the tradition in 1970.

A brewery spokesman said: "Road users are in too much of a hurry now and it is unfair to make them queue behind a dray.

"It is also too far for the horses to pull loads from the new distribution centre.

"Quite a few people were out to say goodbye to them on Friday morning."

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