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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006, 09:44 GMT 10:44 UK
Medieval walkway found at abbey
Bury St Edmunds Abbey. Copyright: English Heritage
Bury St Edmunds Abbey. Copyright: English Heritage
A medieval walkway which was hidden under years of vegetation growth has been discovered at an abbey in Suffolk.

It was found during redevelopment of Grade I listed Georgian houses built against a wall on the west front of the abbey at Bury St Edmunds.

Still visible are marks made by abbey clerks' hobnail boots which had worn away a path used as a maintenance route between internal walls.

The walkway will now be covered over to preserve it for future generations.

The abbey was ransacked after the 1530s dissolution of the monasteries in England, leaving few clues for archaeologists to know how the building was used.

Ancient monuments inspector for English Heritage John Ette said: "This discovery gives important clues as to how the abbey was used.

"Because the stones of the abbey were sold off at the time of the dissolution... there is not much left for us to examine. This is a significant find."

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