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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2006, 08:56 GMT 09:56 UK
Parable boosts church fundraising
St Peters and St Mary's Stowmarket
St Peter's and St Mary's in Stowmarket raised cash for repairs
A clergyman invested in the "talents" of his congregation who raised more than 5,000 for a church refurbishment.

The Rev Michael Eden of St Peter and St Mary's Church, Stowmarket, handed out 900 to parishioners hoping it would be doubled as in the biblical parable.

In the story a master gave his servants talents to invest and two doubled their money while the third buried the cash.

But his congregation proved more than equal to the task, raising more than 5,000 for the 14th Century church.

Good faith

One woman in her 70s raised more than 400 by selling jams, cakes, scones and conserves.

Even children got into the act by holding a party and selling sweets to raise 125.

Rev Eden said: "We are very pleased - everyone increased the money.

"We handed out 900 which had been donated to us for this project in good faith and no one let us down.

"I challenged the congregation to use their God-given talents and they responded accordingly."

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