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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 November, 2004, 10:27 GMT
100th birthday wins 12,500 bet
Birthday candles
The winnings will be presented at the birthday bash
A woman is to collect 12,500 from a bookie after winning a bet that her mother-in-law would live to 100.

Jennifer Strover, 74, placed a 100 bet at 100-1 odds 11 years ago at William Hill, and a year later staked another 50 at 50-1 odds.

Her mother-in-law Rosalind, who lives near Mrs Strover in Sudbury, Suffolk, will now be celebrating her birthday at a party paid for with the winnings.

A spokesman for William Hill said the successful gamble was a first.

He said: "It's the first time a bet of this nature - that someone would live to 100 - has paid off.

"I suspect Rosalind is the best looked-after mother-in-law in the land."

He said the bookmakers were happy to go along with a growing trend for lighthearted betting on family events.

"We've seen over the years a trend for people deciding that the best way to beat the bookmakers is to bet on something they know intimately like themselves or their family.

"We've taken an increasing number of bets on youngsters growing up to play for England or to ride the winner at the Grand National, people backing themselves to lose weight, or expectant mums betting on the date their baby will be born.

"Clearly, as this one proves, sometimes there is the opportunity to win a few bob."

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