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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 January, 2004, 19:26 GMT
Cameras catch 90 speeders a day
More than 90 motorists a day have been caught speeding on Suffolk's roads by speed cameras.

In just nine months from April to December last year, 25,900 drivers were prosecuted for speeding.

According to figures released by Suffolk Safety Camera Partnership, on average 95 people were caught each day.

The fixed penalty for motorists captured by the cameras is a 60 fine and three points on their licence - meaning motorists have been rodered to pay more than 1.5m in penalty fines.

Reinvest money

By the end of the financial year this figure could reach 2m.

Money raised from the fines is used to operate the safety camera scheme with the surplus going to the government.

Peter Monk, Suffolk County Council's portfolio holder for public protection, said the money was not entering council coffers.

He added that he was hoping to try to get some of the money back from the government to reinvest in road safety projects.

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