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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 October, 2003, 15:44 GMT 16:44 UK
Tower plan for racing town
Newmarket Race stand
Newmarket wants to more race goers to visit the town
A massive new tower could dominate the centre of Newmarket if ambitious plans to promote the town as the home of horseracing go ahead.

The proposed "iconic structure", tagged The Big Idea, would be part of a multi-million pound drive to attract more people, especially race goers, to the town centre.

The tower, if approved, would be built near the Waitrose supermarket store in the town.

Forest Heath Council's strategy director Tony Pierce said the tower could be hundreds of feet high with views to some of the town centre training yards and further afield across East Anglia.

Racing needs to reinvent itself to attract new audiences
Tony Pierce
The tower is among ideas drawn up to reinforce Newmarket's place at the heart of horseracing and the centre of racing excellence.

They include a Hall of Fame and moving the National Horseracing Museum to Palace House.

"Racing needs to reinvent itself to attract new audiences," Mr Pierce said.

"Its traditions and institutions have been its strength, but these are coming under increasing pressure from other sports, new media and leisure choices - particularly those aimed at younger people."

Councillors are being asked next week to commit 50,000 to the Hall of Fame, with assistance from Newmarket Racecourses Ltd and the Jockey Club Estates.


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