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Screening plea over naturist B&B

Mike and Margaret Howard
Mike and Margaret Howard said they restrict the number of guests who visit

People living near a naturist bed and breakfast in Staffordshire have appealed to the owners to put up screening.

Resident Dianne Plimmer said the B&B, which is owned by Mike and Margaret Howard, of Domain Farm near Cellarhead, should not be near other houses.

But Mr Howard said they were planting shrubs and trees around their land.

In a statement the couple said they and the guests "do not want to cause any upset".

Ms Plimmer said: "If they want to do that, they should screen themselves in.

"They should have bought somewhere completely out of the way, totally on its own."

Our guests are typically very quiet, reserved people
Mike and Margaret Howard

Jackie Beech, who owns farmland around the site, said: "We went to move some cattle.

"That was the first time we saw a man walking around with no clothes on and a cup of tea in his hand, or coffee, whatever it was.

"My husband says 'whatever's going on here?'

"I said 'I don't know, but I don't want to see it on a regular basis'."

The bed and breakfast owners said they "wandered around as nature intended throughout all the seasons".

'Gawped at'

The couple added: "Our guests are, typically very quiet, reserved people.

"They just want to be able to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and hot tub without being gawped at."

The couple said they restricted the number of guests who visit because they are promoting "the peace and quiet of the area".

They said: "We have already put in additional planting for the 'secret garden' area so that privacy and modesty is maintained for direct neighbours who are very important to us.

"More is planned and next spring will highlight how much more needs to be done."

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