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'Poisoned' husband gives evidence
Lee Knight
Mr Knight told the court he knew nothing of anti-freeze in the house
A man whose wife is on trial accused of trying to murder him with anti-freeze has described the day he was taken ill.

Lee Knight, 37, of Stoke-on-Trent, has suffered kidney failure, brain damage, sight and hearing loss.

Barristers at Stafford Crown Court had to stand as close as possible to him, so they could hear what he had to say.

His wife, Kate Knight, 28, denies trying to murder him by putting the anti-freeze into some red wine.

Mr Knight, who was supported in court by two hearing specialists and also has two hearing aids, has some level of hearing after a recent operation, the court heard.

Stomach cramps

He told the court he knew nothing about any anti-freeze being kept in the house and was not aware of two loans his wife, of Weston Park, had taken out.

Mr Knight was seriously ill in hospital for six months - 16 weeks of which was in a coma.

He told the jury he had stomach cramps the morning he was taken to hospital - in April 2005.

The doctor told him to drink fluids but he continued to be sick and Mrs Knight went to see the emergency doctor during the afternoon.

He also told the court his wife dealt with the banking and that the couple had two accounts.

He could not go to the toilet, he was being sick and he could not eat anything
Annette Knight, mother

He knew nothing about the two loans, he said, one of which was for 10,000 and taken out in October 2003. The second was for 7,000 in March 2004.

Earlier, the court was told that when Mrs Knight was arrested in May 2005 police searched the house and found a one-litre bottle of Tesco anti-freeze with 840ml of the fluid.

He told the court he would not buy anti-freeze from Tesco. He would buy it from trade stores which he knew from his days as a mechanic.

He also added he would never keep it in the kitchen cupboard, where it was found, or in the house at all.

Red wine

When he came around from his coma he was told his wife may have caused his illness.

He said his mother, Annette Knight, had asked him if he knew anything about anti-freeze in red wine and he replied he knew nothing at all about it.

She told the court her son had not been feeling well for a few days before he was admitted to hospital.

She said: "He said he had got flu-like symptoms. He could not go to the toilet, he was being sick and he could not eat anything."

The trial has been adjourned until Friday.

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