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Accused wife 'had sought hitman'
Kate Knight
Kate Knight denies murdering her husband
A woman accused of trying to kill her husband with anti-freeze for his 250,000 life insurance had previously searched for a hitman, a court heard.

Kate Knight, of Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, asked her neighbour Sarah Johnson if she knew of anyone who could "do the job", Stafford Crown Court heard.

Miss Johnson, 28, told the court Mrs Knight said a friend wanted the hitman, but later admitted it was for her.

Mrs Knight, 28, denies the charge of attempted murder.

William Davis, prosecuting, has told the court that her husband Lee Knight, 37, suffered kidney failure and brain damage after ingesting the anti-freeze, which had been put in his drinks.

He was taken to hospital in April 2005 suffering from brain damage and kidney failure and has been left unable to hear or see, the court heard.

Hidden in curry

Miss Johnson lived two doors away from Mrs Knight, her husband, who worked at JCB in Uttoxeter, and their son in Weston Park, Stoke-on-Trent.

She told the court Mrs Knight asked about the hitman early on in their friendship and she considered her to be "a bit of a fantasiser" who sought attention.

Miss Johnson said her neighbour had mentioned paying 50,000 to get "somebody to do the job".

"I thought if she was going to do something this evil she wouldn't be asking somebody off the street who she has only known for a month," Miss Johnson told the court.

Artist's impression of William Davis, prosecuting, and Kate Knight in court
Mrs Knight was in a "very unhappy relationship", the court was told

She added that Mrs Knight had also made plans to poison her husband with ecstasy and an iron overdose.

Miss Johnson added: "She said she was in a very unhappy relationship, she wanted him gone and she wanted his life insurance off JCB for 250,000."

Miss Johnson said Mrs Knight showed her the anti-freeze in her kitchen cupboard and had mixed it with red wine to mask the smell.

"She said she was going to poison his curry that she was cooking that night," she told the court.

"She had done it the previous night and he had complained about the tinny taste in his mouth."

Miss Johnson added that the plot came to light after she told Mr Knight's niece what she knew and was later interviewed by police.

The trial continues.

Husband 'poisoned by anti-freeze'
07 Jan 08 |  Staffordshire

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