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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 September 2007, 18:15 GMT 19:15 UK
Pork pie picked as tastiest food
A Walter Smith pork pie
The pork pie beat off competition from 4,500 other foods
A pork pie from Staffordshire has been chosen as the tastiest food in the UK.

The pie, made by Walter Smith butchers in Cannock, was named Supreme Champion in the Great Taste Awards, beating off competition from 4,500 other foods.

The company is the first butcher shop to ever win the award, which is judged by blind taste-testing.

Those behind the pork pie said it took them four years, including many sleepless nights, to come up with the "perfect recipe".

'Many long nights'

The meat for the pies comes from local free-range pigs, includes a secret blend of spices and each is handfilled.

The jelly is then added as the pie cools.

Robert Jones, who joined Walter Smith 30 years ago at the age of 14, said: "We're absolutely over the moon. It's a massive award, and we're incredibly lucky to have won it.

"Four years of design went into that - including many long nights trying to come up with the perfect recipe. However, we think we've found it now and I don't think we could do anything to improve it."

The pie was previously awarded 99 out of 100 points at the Malvern Food Festival in October 2006.

Porkpies have been made at Walter Smiths for more than 100 years

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