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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 May, 2005, 14:00 GMT 15:00 UK
Wide seats on roller coaster ride
Artists impression of the G Force ride
The roller coaster is launched next month
A new 3m roller coaster ride is being built at a Staffordshire theme park with extra wide seats.

The so-called big boy seat means people of all sizes will be able to enjoy the ride, called G-Force, at Drayton Manor Park, near Tamworth.

Managing director Colin Bryan said they are the first theme park in the world to commission such a coaster and fans can not wait for it to be opened.

The attraction will be officially launched next month.

'Bigger people'

The ride does not have traditional shoulder restraints and pins users in their seats at the hip, leaving the rest of their body dangling free.

Andy Hine, chairman of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain said:

"I have a lot of club members who are larger and get very upset when they get to a park and queue for two hours and are told they can't get on a ride.

"I think the designers are doing the right thing.

"I have seen the embarrassment it causes when people who are not necessarily large, not obese, get to a ride and can't do the seat belt up.

"The general size of people is getting bigger and at last someone is addressing that from a leisure point of view. These are the first specially designed big boy seats in the world."

The maximum weight of riders allowed on the attraction will not be determined until after the results of tests.

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01 Apr 05 |  Staffordshire

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