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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 December 2005, 11:52 GMT
Fans arrested after fight at goal
QPR goalkeeper Simon Royce
Police said goalkeeper Simon Royce was not injured
Six Stoke City fans have been arrested after Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper Simon Royce was attacked on the pitch at Stoke's Britannia Stadium.

Stoke City lost 2-1 and Staffs Police said a fight started shortly after the full time whistle at the Boothen End in front of the QPR goal-mouth.

No-one was injured but police have been talking to fans, players and stewards.

Four of the men were arrested for pitch encroachment and two for public order offences. They were released on bail.

Calm restored

Witnesses said players from both sides ran to Royce's aid, but then appeared to wrestle between themselves in the goal net.

Stewards also became involved and it was three minutes before calm was restored.

Speaking to reporters after the match, QPR manager Ian Holloway said: "The people responsible need finding and dealing with but what happened was not Stoke City's fault.

"Simon Royce is a big lad and he can look after himself. He is fine - there isn't a mark on him - and we will go and get on with things."

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