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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK
Campaign of abuse for one worker
By Louise Scrivens
BBC News, Birmingham

Bomb threat letter
Rod Harvey decided to stop trading with the farm in 2003

Staffordshire fuel supplier Rod Harvey endured four years of intimidation by animal rights activists before the birth of his grandson forced him to end his battle.

In the face of persistent threatening letters and bricks through his window the 63-year-old still delivered fuel to Darley Oaks Farm.

Mr Harvey had known the Hall family for years and when he set up his own business in 1999 he contacted them to ask if they needed a fuel supplier.

He told BBC News the family agreed straight away and regular deliveries were made to the site.

These people didn't care, over the years they ensured that the farm could do nothing else but breed guinea pigs
Rod Harvey

"Just three months after I received a phone call warning me to stay away from the site otherwise things could get nasty.

"Then the letters and packages started to arrive, we got everything from deliveries due to false orders made on our part to letters accusing us of being paedophiles.

"Even when a brick was thrown through the bedroom window at four in the morning just missing mine and my wife's bed I still refused to give in to them. I was terrified but I will not give in to that kind of behaviour."

Mr Harvey said it did not matter that his fuel deliveries had nothing to do with the farm breeding guinea pigs.

Next target

"These people didn't care, over the years they ensured that the farm could do nothing else but breed guinea pigs putting a stop to milk collections and people arriving to work on the farm land, the family were left with no other source of income," he said.

Mr Harvey said in December 2003 a brick was thrown through the window of his front door just missing him.

"I just thought about my newly-born grandson and thought my son's family may be the next target so I had to put an end to it.

"What I had to endure and what they did to my business was bad enough, I can't imagine what the Hall family has had to endure and I don't blame them for making such a decision."

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