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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 02:23 GMT
Court martial over 'Iraqi abuse'
The court martial of a British soldier accused of mistreating Iraqi detainees near Basra has begun.

Private Gary Bartlam, from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, is the first of four soldiers accused of the ill-treatment of prisoners in May 2003.

The case, expected to last until Tuesday, will be heard at a British Army base in Hohne, Germany.

Three other soldiers from the regiment are expected to face a court martial in Osnabruck, Germany, on Wednesday.

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith announced last year the soldiers would face a public court martial.

This is the first case of alleged abuse of an Iraqi prisoner to come to a court martial.

The MoD says another 10 cases are still being considered by the army prosecuting authority or its civilian equivalent, the Crown Prosecution Service.

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