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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 June, 2004, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK
Concern over failure to find body
The failure of emergency services to find the body of a driver before he was discovered by his family has sparked concerns from a watchdog body.

Chris Barclay, 19, from Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, was one of seven people involved in a car crash at about 2300 BST on Friday.

His family found his body hours later when they visited the scene.

The Police Complaints Commission(IPCC) is to supervise an investigation into why officers failed to find his body.

Mr Barclay's body was found at 0400 BST on Saturday, approximately 30ft away from where his grey Vauxhall Nova came to rest at Mow Cop and the Staffordshire, Cheshire border.

In a statement the IPCC said the car driver was not in the vehicle when emergency services arrived and an immediate search of the area failed to locate his body.

Cause for concern

John Crawley, IPCC Commissioner for West Midlands forces, said in the same statement: "It is always tragic when someone so young, with their whole life ahead of them, dies and all the more painful for his family to have been the ones to find his body in these circumstances.

"There is clearly cause for concern and disquiet that the emergency services failed to locate Mr Barclay's body.

"I will ensure that this investigation is carried out promptly and robustly to get the answers, and will ensure that Mr Barclay's family are kept informed of the progress of this."

A post-mortem examination showed the Royal Marine died instantly in the crash, from severe head injuries.

Inquiry into delay over body find
13 Jun 04  |  Staffordshire

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