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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 June, 2004, 13:24 GMT 14:24 UK
Police target domestic violence
photo staged by actors. Shows: man pushing woman
Violence in the home affects one in four women.
Staffordshire Police say they will clamp down on domestic violence fuelled by the Euro 2004 football tournament.

The Pathway Project. the county's only 24-hour helpline for domestic violence victims, reported a surge in calls of almost 40% during the 2002 World Cup.

Police say they will deal firmly with any reports of domestic violence and have extra town centre patrols during the tournament.

Pathway director Kathy Coe said women should know help was available.

'Press charges'

Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Lee said: "The force always takes violence in the home very seriously.

"We will arrest and, where evidence is available, prosecute offenders - even if a victim does not decide to press charges.

"We detect almost 80% of domestic violence incidents reported to us and work with partner organisations to ensure support is given to victims.

"Domestic violence is a crime and we need victims to continue to come forward so we can tackle it."

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