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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 November, 2003, 13:40 GMT
GPs could resign over workloads
A Stoke-on-Trent GP said many doctors in the city were reaching breaking point because of their heavy workloads.

Dr Keith Tattum is the sole GP at Baddeley Green Surgery and has responsibility for 4,000 patients.

He told BBC Radio Stoke on Tuesday that he expected more and more doctors to resign under the pressure.

North Stoke Primary Care Trust said it was running an international campaign to recruit more GPs to the area.

Chairman of the trust Paul Warsop said there were 63 GPs in the area but according to government criteria there should be 75.

"Most areas do struggle to recruit GPs but we have an ongoing recruitment programme which is innovative and aggressive," he said

Mr Warsop said they were running an international campaign to recruit GPs and had had interest from the Indian subcontinent.

"We are actually offering a generous pay package of up to 60,000 in order to attract more people.

"We are even looking at people coming into the country who are qualified doctors and are putting them on training courses to enable them to work over here."


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