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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 July, 2003, 08:13 GMT 09:13 UK
Children clock speeding drivers
A police officer using a speed gun
The children are getting the chance to play at being police officers
Children armed with speed guns have been clocking motorists near a Staffordshire school.

The 11-year-old pupils have already recorded dozens of speeding drivers in Codsall.

The information is being used to help Staffordshire County Council plan for safer streets and the motorists do not risk prosecution.

The children have also been learning about road safety as part of a programme organised by the authority's Travelwise Unit.

180,000 award

The pupils' activities follow the first meeting of the Safer Routes to School project, which recently took place at Codsall High School.

Schools, councillors, emergency services and the health authority were all involved.

The project has been awarded 180,000 by the county council to spend on traffic calming measures.

Fran Allen, a council road safety co-ordinator, said: "We need to get everybody involved in working towards a better environment, where kids can walk or cycle to school in safety.

"Cutting traffic speeds means safer streets where everyone can live in peace."

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