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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 April, 2003, 13:09 GMT 14:09 UK
Miniature calf causes stir
Anson the calf
Anson is proving a popular hit with visitors

What is thought to be one of the smallest calves in Britain has been born at a rare breeds farm in Staffordshire.

Snowdrop, a rare miniature Dexter cow, gave birth to 12-inch high Anson at Shugborough Park Farm last week.

Already, the tiny calf is already proving to be extremely popular with visitors to the farm.

Dexter cows are among the rarest of breeds and are said to be even rarer than the endangered giant panda.

'Attention grabber'

Corrine Caddy, from Shugborough Park Farm, said Anson is an important arrival.

"He's a real attention grabber," she said.

"He is just one foot tall and when fully grown, will only be three and a half feet tall."

She added: "He is part of an Irish breed which was brought here to be rescued from the brink of extinction in the 1970s."

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