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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 8 April, 2003, 09:08 GMT 10:08 UK
Anger over theme park plans
Alton Towers' Nemesis ride
Alton Towers is famous for thrilling rides such as the Nemesis
People living near the Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire are objecting to plans for a new ride.

Alton Towers has put in a planning application for a wooden rollercoaster, which it hopes to open in 2005.

The theme park wants to build the ride on the south-facing bank of the Churnet Valley, raising concerns about noise among many people living in Alton.

Dave Robbins, who lives in the village after which Alton Towers is named, said he is very upset about the prospect of a rollercoaster being built so near to his home.

I don't want to be buried within earshot of a rollercoaster
Local resident Dave Robbins

"I'm very angry. I was born in this village - I want to die here.

"I don't want to be buried within earshot of a rollercoaster and screaming visitors to Alton Towers.

"Alton Towers do a smashing job, provide a lot of enjoyment and a lot of jobs, but please keep over the other side of the woods."

But a spokesman for the theme park, Ralph Armond, told BBC Radio Stoke that locals' fears are unfounded.

Noise surveys

"One thing we do have to prove to the council is that it (the rollercoaster) won't be seen from anywhere (in the village) and we've done that.

"We've also done noise surveys in the village and we've had to prove that it'll be so quiet that it won't be a problem to people," he added.

Alton Towers attracts 2.3m people each year and employs 2,500 people.

It is responsible for about 100m of spending in the local economy.

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