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Girl has report from wrong school
Sophie Bond and her mother Diane
Sophie and her mother did not take up her place at Patcham High
The mother of a 12-year-old girl from West Sussex has said she was shocked to receive a progress report from a school her daughter had never attended.

The Patcham High School report, sent to Diane Bond in Hurstpierpoint, praised Sophie's performance in English but said she was misbehaving in maths.

"The school doesn't know whether Sophie is there or not but has quite clearly given her results," said Ms Bond.

The school said it regretted any distress its mistake had caused.

Sophie attended an induction day at the school in July 2006 and was due to join Year 7 in September.

But she took up a place at Oakmeeds Community College in Burgess Hill instead.

Patcham's report gave Sophie grades in five subjects but marked her absent in all the others.

Patcham High School report
The Patcham report was sent to Sophie's home in West Sussex

A letter invited her and her mother to a meeting to address her absenteeism.

"We thought it was quite funny at first but then we thought about it and were quite shocked," said Sophie.

Patcham said it was not told Sophie did not wish to take up its place until some weeks after the start of term.

"Due to a change in computer systems and staffing, Sophie's name was regrettably not removed officially from our roll until a later date," it said.

"Due to an administrative error, Sophie's report was confused with another student with the same name.

"We are confident that measures are now in place to prevent this happening again."

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