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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 December 2006, 13:29 GMT
Hotel in radiation alert reopens
Police officers stand guard outside the Ashdown Park Hotel
The hotel had to be evacuated by staff on Friday afternoon
A hotel has been given the all-clear after it was closed by officers probing the radiation death of Russian former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

Parts of the Ashdown Park Hotel, near East Grinstead, Sussex, were sealed off by police officers and experts from the Health Protection Agency on Friday.

Radiation tests were carried out amid suggestions Italian security expert Mario Scaramella may have stayed there.

Hospital tests have since shown he has no evidence of "radiation toxicity".

Mr Scaramella was admitted to London's University College Hospital on Friday having tested positive for a "significant" quantity of polonium-210.

Mario Scaramella
Mario Scaramella met Mr Litvinenko the day he fell ill

The Italian was one of the last people to have met ex-spy Mr Litvinenko before his death.

The Russian died 23 days later of radiation poisoning.

The Ashdown Park Hotel was evacuated just after 1500 GMT on Friday by hotel staff following the arrival of police and members of the public health authority.

Hotel general manager, Dominic Osborne, said staff had handled the situation "very professionally".

"The staff are very well trained and there was no discomfort at all to our guests," he said.

Sussex Police said any potential risk to guests and staff would have been extremely low.

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