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Man, 91, is 'oldest paraglider'
Reg Rose-Innes paragliding
Mr Rose-Innes said his son encouraged him to take the flight
A 91-year-old man from East Sussex has become the oldest person in Britain to go paragliding, according to his son.

Reg Rose-Innes, from Beddingham, flew above Devil's Dyke in Sussex for a 20-minute flight at 800ft (243m).

He said after the tandem flight: "It was marvellous being up in the air. It was a gorgeous view and lovely day."

Mr Rose-Innes' son, Crispin, 57, said: "We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for my father to have a go before he bites the bullet."

The 91-year-old added that his son, Crispin, "pushed me into it."

It just shows that the sport is open to all ages. I think it's amazing
Owen Latham

Crispin Rose-Innes, who has been paragliding with his wife for seven years, said his father was "most definitely the oldest person in Britain to have ever flown in a paraglider".

Pilot Owen Latham said Mr Rose-Innes had watched paragliders out of his kitchen window for the past 20 years and had always thought about doing it.

"It just shows that the sport is open to all ages. I think it's amazing," he said.

Asked if he would repeat today's flight, Mr Rose-Innes, a retired grassland ecologist, said: "If I get a chance. If people can put up with doddery old men trying to fly. It was terrific."

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