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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 November 2006, 15:46 GMT
Drink-drive message in holographs
Before the accident beer mat
The "before" image shows young people drinking in a bar
Holographic pictures of young people drinking in a bar with those of them seriously injured in a car crash are part of an anti-drink drive campaign.

The holographs will be on 46,000 beer mats and 2,000 posters being distributed to 600 pubs and clubs in West Sussex during December.

The idea came from firefighter Gary Waters, based at East Grinstead.

"Every time I see people killed or injured in a crash with a drunk driver I want to warn others," he said.

"Dealing with the consequences of drink driving is unfortunately a regular thing for the emergency services.

After the accident beer mat
The "after" picture shows them badly injured in a car crash

"It is such a needless waste of life."

The wording on the holographs also changes, from "Drink and Drive" to "Drink and Die".

To reinforce the message firefighters, police and West Sussex County Council's road safety unit will be touring mid-Sussex with a trailer displaying a road crash.

It will be located in supermarket and leisure centre car parks in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and East Grinstead throughout December and in town centres on selected evenings.

"We want everyone to have an enjoyable time this Christmas but it is important they are made aware of the potentially tragic consequences of drinking and driving," said Lt Col Tex Pemberton, West Sussex cabinet member for highways and transport.

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