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Last Updated: Saturday, 11 November 2006, 16:34 GMT
Nazi graffiti daubed on memorial
War memorial
The graffiti was discovered in the early hours of Saturday
Vandals have daubed Nazi swastikas on a war memorial in West Sussex.

Police officers also found anti-Semitic graffiti painted on one home and a shop close to the memorial in Chapel Road, Worthing, on Saturday morning.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "This is offensive and racist graffiti. It's fairly large-scale."

The Royal British Legion said it was "dismayed and upset" by the graffiti, which was removed prior to the main service at 1100 GMT.

A spokeswoman for The Royal British Legion said: ""We are very grateful to the council for their prompt reaction to this, allowing people to carry on and hold their service.

"We are glad that the vandal that was trying to disrupt such an important occasion didn't succeed."

'Beyond comprehension'

John Livermore, West Sussex County Councillor for Worthing West, said he was "utterly appalled" that anybody could behave in such a manner.

"The person or persons that did it are just the scum of the earth. It's beyond comprehension - least of all this time of year when we have got our boys out in Afghanistan and Iraq serving Queen and country - that somebody can behave in this despicable fashion.

"They should be drummed out of Worthing, drummed out of the country."

The 14ft stone cross, which is opposite the town hall, bears the names of local men killed in the two world wars.

Anyone with information should contact Sussex Police.


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