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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 September 2006, 18:00 GMT 19:00 UK
Dog attack boy stable in hospital
The house where the boy was attacked
The toddler was injured outside his grandmother's home
A two-year-old boy who suffered serious injuries in an attack by a Rottweiler is now "eating, drinking and playing".

Harvey Lawrence was bitten on the head, face, neck and body at the home of his grandmother in Middleton-on-Sea, near Bognor Regis, in West Sussex.

A spokesman at St Richard's Hospital, Chichester, said he had been "stable and comfortable throughout the day".

Earlier, consultant Dr Tim Taylor said he was expected to make a full recovery but would be monitored for a few days.

He added that Harvey had had a "number of stitches" for the lacerations across his body.

It is understood that the dog, called Tyler, belonged to the partner of Harvey's paternal grandmother, Gwendoline Lawrence.

Police said the animal was seized and its owner had "voluntarily authorised its humane destruction".

Mike Pepper
I hit the dog over the head with a hammer
Neighbour, Mike Pepper

Emergency services found Harvey with "multiple bite wounds" following the attack on Tuesday in the front garden of a house in Tudor Close, a private road in Middleton-on-Sea.

Dr Taylor said: "He came in with really very extensive lacerations affecting his face, scalp, upper body and arms, and [was] in a state of real distress.

"We've seen worse but I think it's certainly one to put in the severe category.

"He has obviously been through a traumatic event but knowing the healing ability of children I am sure he will be all right."

Long leash

Harvey, who lives in Westbourne, West Sussex, was saved when neighbour Mike Pepper, 66, heard the toddler's grandmother screaming and raced to her home with a hammer.

"The dog was tethered but on a very long leash in the front garden and the boy's grandmother was still trying to protect him," he said.

"The dog started coming towards me barking so I hit it over the head with a hammer.

"Fortunately it didn't react towards me, it backed off a bit stunned, so then I was able to assist with the child."

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