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Boy seriously hurt in dog attack
The house where the boy was attacked
The toddler was left with serious injuries outside his house
A two-year-old boy suffered serious injuries to his face and body in a mauling by a Rottweiler dog.

Emergency services were called to Tudor Close, in Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex at midday where they found the toddler seriously injured.

He was taken to St Richard's Hospital, Chichester where his condition is described as non life-threatening.

The dog, called Tyler, was seized by police and the owner voluntarily authorised it to be put down.

It is understood the boy was at the home of his grandmother and her partner, where the attack took place.

The boy was covered in blood and has some really nasty facial injuries
Mike Pepper

Neighbour Mike Pepper, who was up a ladder outside his home at the time, said he heard screaming from a woman coming from a garden 400 yards from his home.

He said he grabbed a hammer and ran up the driveway, where he hit the dog repeatedly over the head in an effort to subdue it before carrying the boy into the woman's kitchen.

"I could see the grandmother was over the boy in the front garden shielding him from further attack," he said.

"The dog was still trying to get to the boy and I kept shouting at the dog to get away and I hit it on the head with the hammer.

'Inquiries continuing'

"Fortunately it backed off so I turned my attention to the boy who was covered in blood and has some really nasty facial injuries."

A police spokesman said inquiries with the family and the owner of the dog were continuing.

He said: "The child is now with family at St Richard's Hospital. He has suffered a number of bites and cuts to his body.

"His condition is not life-threatening and he remains in hospital for treatment."

The attack comes just four days after a five-month-old girl was mauled to death by two Rottweilers in Leicester.

How the dog attack on the toddler unfolded

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