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Chavrolet tuk-tuk forced off road
Chavrolet tuk-tuk
The Chavrolet tuk-tuk will be redesigned in a different style
A motorised rickshaw designed in the famous Burberry check has been forced off the streets of Brighton and Hove because of a breach of copyright.

The so-called Chavrolet was one of 12 individually designed three-wheeled tuk-tuks launched in the Sussex city in July as a new type of taxi service.

It was voted the most popular design by the public, but ran into legal problems with the international fashion house.

TucTuc Ltd said a complaint from Burberry had been resolved amicably.

A spokeswoman said it was forced to withdraw the Chavrolet after receiving a letter from Burberry's London office highlighting a breach of its copyright.

Gold jewellery

The tuk-tuk will now be redesigned in a different style before it is returned into service.

"The pattern wasn't exactly the same as Burberry's, but the company felt that it was too close to its own design, and considered it an infringement of copyright," the spokeswoman added.

The distinctive check made famous by the fashion house has won devotees among the UK's so-called "chav" population - young people who typically dress in tracksuit trousers, hooded tops, and checked baseball caps, and adorn themselves with gold jewellery and body piercings.

Burberry states on its website: "Anyone who uses our name, our Equestrian Knight Device or a check identical with or confusingly similar to our Burberry Check without our permission is infringing our trademarks and will hear from our lawyers."

The company's 12 liveried vehicles were imported from India and given individual designs, including the Strawberry, the Union Jack Britannia and the Swiss Cheese.

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