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Services 'failing' needy children
Janis Newcomen
Janis Newcomen's frustration has led her to return to America
An autism expert is quitting her job to return to the US because she thinks children with special needs or learning problems are not having the right care.

Child psychologist Janis Newcomen, from Hastings in East Sussex, is leaving the Sussex Partnership NHS Trust after seven years working in the county.

She said youth mental health services were "failing in every way possible".

The health trust said that the care and treatment it provided was being improved and extended.

Ms Newcomen said she felt things were going wrong in the way money was being spent in the sector.

"Children are in the wrong environment," she claimed.

We have seen an increase in the level of resources made available
Sussex Partnership NHS Trust and East Sussex County Council

"Their needs are not being met, they're not being understood, they're being excluded, they're being denied an education.

"These children, without the proper guidance and education, will be burdens on society.

"It's quite possible for the vast majority of them to be trained and to have a meaningful life."

But the children's services providers at Sussex Partnership NHS Trust and East Sussex County Council said Ms Newcomen had decided "not to be a part of changes and developments" in the sector.

A joint statement said: "We have seen an increase in the level of resources made available for services to children and young people with emotional or mental health problems.

"A range of provision is available to meet their educational needs.

"This has enabled the agencies to improve and extend services for children and young people with a learning disability, including autism."

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