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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2006, 12:36 GMT 13:36 UK
Park prank culprits tracked down
The roundabout used in the stunt
The roundabout was powered using the back wheel of a moped
Four children involved in a website video prank in which two girls are thrown from a roundabout powered by a moped have been identified by police.

Officers were alerted to the incident in Crawley, West Sussex, after seeing the footage on a US-based website.

Insp Mark Piper said the two boys and two girls, all aged between 15 and 17, would voluntarily go to Crawley police station on Saturday.

They will be spoken to by officers about the severity of their actions.

Mr Piper added that the group would not be arrested, charged or formally cautioned for the incident.

"It is better to deal with them by way of advice for a prank that went wrong," he said.

"The owner of the motorbike will receive a section 59 anti-social behaviour warning which means if he uses the vehicle in an anti-social way again it will be seized."

The group all live in the Tilgate area of Crawley where the playground is.

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