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Deer 'rejected' after human touch
Young fawn being bottle-fed
Young deer can be left alone in the wild for long periods
A former zoo-keeper from Kent is caring for three newly-born deer from Surrey which have been abandoned by their mothers after being handled by a human.

A wildlife charity tried to de-scent the fawns after they were picked up by a dog-walker in Dorking, but their mothers never returned for them.

Simon Cowell, spokesman for Wildlife Aid, said young deer can be left alone for up to eight hours.

"The mother may reject her young if it had a human scent," he said.

Mr Allibone, from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, is a volunteer for the charity and will look after the young deer until they are ready to be released next spring.

Mr Cowell said the fawns would be bottle-fed for nine weeks and then weaned.

Before being put back into the wild they will spend time in a paddock to enable them to get used to being away from human contact.

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