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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 10:39 GMT 11:39 UK
Funding bid for Ghana hospitals
Minibus involved in the accident
Three of the minibus passengers died following the accident.
A man from East Sussex who was injured in a car crash in Africa but was treated in the UK is vowing to raise money to help hospitals in Ghana.

Matthew Porter, 21, was flown to Eastbourne for surgery after suffering multiple broken bones when a minibus hit his pick-up truck in Ghana.

"I'd probably have been amputated if I hadn't been flown here and had the treatment straight away," he said.

Mr Porter wants better equipment and ambulances for villages in Ghana.

African countries and the plights they have, particularly with treatment, go unrecognised
Dr Andrew Skyrme

He moved from East Sussex to Akuse, southern Ghana, with his family.

Three of the minibus passengers were killed when the accident happened last month.

Mr Porter was flown to Eastbourne District General where he will spend another two months before starting to receive physiotherapy. He suffered more than 10 broken bones.

He has started writing to the UK's richest people in an attempt to win funding for the country and has the support of his consultant.

"African countries and the plights they have, particularly with treatment, go unrecognised," said Dr Andrew Skyrme.

"It takes people like Matt to have an injury like this and then do some active work to try and improve the situation in these countries."

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