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Dogs saved from 'horrific' shed
Dog in a carrier box
The dogs were found in 'horrific' conditions
Hundreds of dogs have been found in squalid conditions in a windowless 40ft (12m) garden shed in West Sussex.

The 204 starving Yorkshire terriers and six dead dogs were found in small carrier boxes full of excrement after the death of their 73-year-old owner.

Lisa Gooch, from Brighton Animal Action, said: "I've never seen anything so horrific in my life.

"They were dripping from the urine they had been in for so long. Six of them were dead," she added.

Miss Gooch believes the dogs have been kept in the shed for years.

"Each of the cages was two-thirds full with excrement," she said.

They were discovered on a remote lane in Hurstpierpoint, near Burgess Hill, on Saturday evening.

"Many of the dogs were puppies and some were just two weeks old and still with their mothers.

They were all absolutely starving and thirsty but there were a lot that were just so weak they were on death's door
Lisa Gooch
Brighton Animal Action

"They were all absolutely starving and thirsty but there were a lot that were just so weak they were on death's door."

Worthing and District Animal Welfare spokesman, Billy Elliot, said: "They were almost walking as if they were crouching down, as if they had never stood up."

Miss Gooch said some of the dogs were going to need a great deal of care.

The dogs were taken to three local animal welfare charities, including the Celia Hammond Animal Trust based in Wadhurst and the Kit Wilson trust near Uckfield.

Your comments

What a tragic thing to happen - breeders should all be licensed and the premises checked on a regular basis. Bring back the dog licence and make it a real amount, not 37p!! I have two dogs and would be willing to pay - there could be concessions, and separate breeders' licences. We should protect vulnerable animals in our care. I have sent a donation to the charity helping with these dogs - I hope they all go on to be spoiled by people who can look after them properly.
Naomi, Worthing, West Sussex

So sad for those poor little innocents. Neighbours need to open their eyes and be aware of what is going on in the neighbourhood.
Corey Anderson, London

I am appalled and disgusted. Cannot believe anyone could be so cruel!
Conny Lester, Hundested, Denmark

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