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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 April 2006, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK
Hundreds of health jobs to be cut
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust sign
The trust has one of the biggest debts in the country
A healthcare trust has said it expects around 400 jobs will go as it attempts to wipe out a 2m monthly overspend.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust announced the cuts as part of a two-year plan aimed at eliminating its 41.2m debt.

Chief executive of the trust, Gary Walker, said: "Our focus will be on retaining essential skills and minimising job losses."

The trust manages Crawley Hospital and East Surrey Hospital.

'No stone unturned'

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust was named as one of 18 NHS trusts in England to receive additional support because it has one of the largest deficits in the NHS.

It will work with a government turnaround team over two years in an attempt to balance the books.

Mr Walker added: "We have already reduced our monthly overspend from 3.2m a month to around 2m but we need to break even monthly and as soon as possible.

"No stone has gone or will go unturned in our efforts to drive out inefficiency and waste."

In the last six months waiting times for surgery have been the lowest Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has offered to patients.

It also said cancer waiting times at its hospitals were now amongst the best in England.

Find out how the NHS trust plans to tackle the debt

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