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Caterpillars sparking health risk
Brown Tail Moth caterpillar
The Brown Tail Moth caterpillars are black with orange dots
Visitors to a park in Littlehampton, West Sussex, have been warned not to touch a species of caterpillar because they pose a "public health risk".

The Brown Tail Moth caterpillars have poisonous barbs which can cause rashes, skin irritation, headaches, breathing difficulties and sickness to humans.

Pest controllers are due to clear them from Brookfield Park and the nearby Marlborough Place Estate next week.

They are black and have a white line and orange dots towards the tail end.

The two-inch long caterpillars are known for stripping trees and shrubs of foliage.

Fear over poisonous caterpillars
09 Aug 02 |  England

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