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Last Updated: Monday, 8 May 2006, 18:29 GMT 19:29 UK
City begins new 'alcohol blitz'
Two initiatives to tackle drink-related disorder in Brighton and Hove are being started up.

The first runs until 8 June, the day before the football World Cup starts in Germany, and is a Home Office-backed "alcohol blitz".

It has the aim of preventing people using the tournament as an excuse for drunken violence.

Meanwhile, a Best Bar None scheme is being introduced to recognise good practice by licensees in the city.

Anyone who thinks they can come into our city and engage in alcohol-fuelled violence can think again
Ch Supt Jeremy Paine

It will hand out awards to the pubs, bars and clubs which have done the most towards reducing the risk of alcohol-related crime and disorder.

They will be judged on their door policies, emergency procedures and strategies for dealing with drugs and crime.

Ch Insp Lawrence Hobbs said: "Licensed premises have a vital role to play by ensuring people drink more responsibly and in safety."

The pre-World Cup campaign aims to promote a trouble-free tournament in Brighton and Hove's pubs and bars.

Ch Supt Jeremy Paine said: "The majority of supporters are law-abiding and peaceful, but there are a few who use events like the World Cup as an excuse to cause trouble.

"But anyone who thinks they can come into our city and engage in mindless, alcohol-fuelled violence can think again."

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