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Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2006, 21:03 GMT
Artist gets naked to earn bread
Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker said it was "eerie" seeing the model come out of the oven
An artist who baked a life-size model of her own naked body out of bread dough will watch her audience eat it at an exhibition.

Sharon Baker - her real name - used 24 eggs for the bread body, which weighed 36 kilos before it was cooked.

Ms Baker, 45, from Epsom, Surrey baked the model in the biggest oven she could find at Brooklands College, Weybridge.

The 5ft 3in loaf of bread, baked on Friday, will be shown at an exhibition in London's Docklands on Sunday.

Ms Baker, who was wrapped in plaster to make a mould for the dough, said she made her first bread artwork four years ago.

"It was prompted by the sad and early death of a friend from breast cancer," she said.

"I wanted to create a body in something that would decay like the human body does.

"The fragility of life really strikes home when somebody dies young."

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