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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 July, 2005, 20:58 GMT 21:58 UK
Relocated house on sale for 2m
Dunsters Mill House
Dunsters Mill House was taken down and completely rebuilt
A 14th Century house that has gone on the market in East Sussex for 2m was moved brick by brick half a mile up a hill to make way for a reservoir.

The medieval Dunsters Mill House, near Ticehurst, only arrived at its present site in Three Leg Cross 30 years ago.

The house used to stand in what is now the middle of Bewl Water, but when the then Medway Water Board wanted to flood the land it agreed to move the house.

It took two years to transport and build the house at the new site.

The work was so detailed that labels on the beams and window frames left by the builders resurrecting the house still exist.

Label on the window (left) and the builders names scrawled in the plaster (right)
The builders left their mark on the property when it was rebuilt

They even left their own mark, by writing their names in the wet plaster on the chimney breast.

Tony Lloyd, who is the present head ranger of Bewl Water, said a lot of houses had to be demolished in 1975 but Dunsters Mill was saved because it was a Grade II star listed property and of particular historic importance.

The house is being sold by the Clamp family, who bought the house after the previous owner - who was so keen to save it that he wrote to the then prime minister - died 10 years ago.

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