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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 12:10 GMT
Public speed gun scheme expanded
Police officer using a speed gun
Villagers in Surrey are trained in how to use police speed guns
A scheme which sees members of the public using speed guns to target motorists who drive too fast has been rolled out to more areas of Surrey.

Two places in Guildford and Waverley are now taking part in Surrey Police's Community Speedwatch programme, which has been running for nearly two years.

People living on or near rural and urban roads can record the speeds of persistent anti-social drivers.

Police will send them two letters before any action is taken.

New volunteers have been recruited at Jacobs Well in Guildford and Shamley Green in Waverley.

We now have the full support of the community
Speedwatch co-ordinator Nick Caddick

Teams of at least six trainees contribute a minimum of an hour per week, working in pairs on roads with 30 and 40mph speed limits.

Supt Kul Verma said: "We have already identified that speeding is a major concern in many communities.

"Community Speedwatch aims to re-educate drivers about the dangers [and] make our roads safer."

Casualty reduction officer Ken Wheeler said the second letter sent to speeding drivers would notify them of further action possibly being taken.

'Little hesitant'

Community Speedwatch schemes have been run by other police forces across England and Scotland.

Brockham, near Dorking in Surrey, has been operating one for nearly a year.

Co-ordinator Nick Caddick said local people were initially "a little hesitant" about fellow villagers checking their speed.

"We now have the full support of the community. People say the greatest problem they face is traffic," said Mr Caddick.

Watch the local residents using the speed cameras

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