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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 11:12 GMT
Joanne Lees to write Outback book
Joanne Lees
Joanne Lees escaped her kidnapper and hid in the bush for five hours
The girlfriend of UK backpacker Peter Falconio, who was killed in Australia, is set to write a book about his death and the subsequent murder trial.

Joanne Lees, from Brighton in East Sussex, said her story would "correct inaccuracies and misconceptions" that surrounded the case.

Mr Falconio was shot dead in the Outback near Barrow Creek in July 2001.

Bradley Murdoch is serving at least 28 years in prison for his murder and for abducting and assaulting Miss Lees.

Murdoch has launched an appeal against his December conviction.

Miss Lees said: "I am still, along with the Falconios, distressed that Murdoch has so far refused to let us know what he did with Pete.

The book will be a dedication to Pete
Joanne Lees

"In the weeks since the trial outcome I have taken some time out to consider my future options.

"I need to take some more time out and have decided on writing my own story in a book about the events of that night and the four years that followed culminating in the conviction.

"The book will be a dedication to Pete and, amongst other personal goals, will enable me to correct inaccuracies and misconceptions contained in some media stories written about the case and the trial, as well as a number of the cut and paste books that have been released in the weeks since the trial."

Miss Lees was subjected to smears and suspicion after her boyfriend disappeared.


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