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Mr Mayor is chauffeur to Mr Mayor
Two mayors in car
Mayor Robertson drives Mayor Carden to an engagement
Brighton and Hove's new Mayor Bob Carden has plenty to chat about as his chauffeur drives him round the city - Robert Robertson is also a mayor.

Mr Robertson spent 16 years driving mayors and councillors around before deciding he wanted to make a mark on civic life in his own right.

Now he is the new Mayor of Newhaven, 10 miles down the coast from Brighton.

"It is unique that a mayor has a chauffeur who is mayor of the next town," said Mr Carden.

Ceremonial role

"It is really nice - it gives that bit of extra edge to being mayor."

At 41, Mr Robertson is the youngest mayor the town of Newhaven has ever had but it is purely a ceremonial role and chauffeuring pays his bills.

"Fortunately civic life for the mayor of Newhaven isn't too busy so I should still have time to make sure the Mayor of Brighton and Hove gets to his duties," he said.

Being the first citizen of Brighton and Hove is a challenging job.

Mr Carden has to take a lead role in city life, attending around 700 functions and civic events each year. So both mayors will have their work cut out.

Mr Robertson said they were both important in their own communities, but there was one very big difference.

"His budget is 600m - mine is 200,000," said Mr Robertson.

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