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Last Updated: Friday, 16 December 2005, 12:26 GMT
Postman turns delivery detective
Dan Treadwell with postman Brian Groves
It took postman Brian Groves two days to find Mr Treadwell
A Sussex postman managed to deliver a package to a travelling tradesman despite not having an address for him.

The label on the parcel just read: "Dan the mushroom man, in his van at the side of the road on the Burgess Hill Roundabout, somewhere near Brighton".

Postman Brian Groves turned detective to ensure Dan Treadwell, 32, got the gift from his girlfriend in two days.

Mr Groves said he followed the clues and found Mr Treadwell living in his van beside the A23 in the seaside city.

"Basically I found him by using my local knowledge and putting the clues together on the front of the package which said he was on the A23 near a garage," he said.

The package from Mr Treadwell's girlfriend, Poppy - who is studying in Bristol - contained a soft toy, a Christmas pudding and a card.

The label on the parcel
The label on the package wished the postman a Merry Christmas

The wood carver said he was shocked to see the postman because he never normally receives mail as he has no permanent address.

"I think I may have got this because Poppy had written 'Thank you very much Mr Postman, I hope you have a lovely Christmas - sorry about the unusual address'," Mr Treadwell said.

"I think if you were a postman and there was a message on the front like that to you, you'd take it to heart and want to sort it out."

The music graduate has been living on the road since he was 17 and although he has tried working in an office, he says he prefers his way of life.

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