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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 06:31 GMT
Future of education up for debate
Low GCSE pass rates and the poor condition of school buildings are being discussed in an area of West Sussex.

The future of education is the focus of Adur council's annual State of the District debate.

The council - which covers an area around Lancing and Shoreham - will feed its observations into a schools review being run by the county council.

Members of the public have the opportunity to listen to the debate, which takes place on Tuesday evening.

'Educationally deprived'

Four key education issues have been identified in the Adur area.

Falling pupil numbers have led to surplus school places, the district council said.

It also believes many school buildings in the area are in a poor state of repair.

There is concern over exam pass rates, with only 34.6% of pupils gaining grades A to C in their GCSEs.

And five wards in the district are classed as "educationally deprived".

The organisation of the school system is also being looked at.

Adur still has first, middle and secondary schools, meaning pupils' key stage three learning is split between middle school level and secondary, which they join at the age of 12.

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