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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 November 2005, 13:37 GMT
Decision due over Abigail inquiry
Richard Cazaly
Richard Cazaly became the prime suspect after his suicide
Detectives examining the stabbing of Abigail Witchalls are to announce whether they are closing the case.

Surrey Police will reveal evidence from the investigation into Richard Cazaly, who committed suicide in Scotland.

They will also give the decision of Crown Prosecution Service lawyers on Mr Cazaly, 23, from Fleet, Hampshire.

Mrs Witchalls was stabbed in the neck in April in front of her young son. She was left partially paralysed but has since given birth to her second child.

The 26-year-old mother was attacked as she pushed her toddler son, Joseph, in his buggy along a country lane in the village of Little Bookham, Surrey.

Her second pregnancy was revealed two months after the stabbing.

Photo ID parade

Mr Cazaly died of a suspected overdose of painkillers on 30 April, having driven to Scotland five days after the stabbing.

He had been living in a house in Water Lane, Little Bookham, while working at a nearby garden centre.

He bore similarities to a description Mrs Witchalls gave of her attacker but she was unable to pick him out in a photo ID parade.

However, Surrey Police believed they had evidence which links Mr Cazaly to the stabbing.

The Witchalls family, including their new baby - picture from hospital
Mrs Witchalls gave birth naturally to her second son, Dominic

In May, four specialist dogs, one trained to sniff out human blood, searched the route Mrs Witchalls had been walking before she was attacked.

Police did not rule out the possibility that Mr Cazaly's scent was found.

They said in July that the evidence submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service would include information on the "process of the dogs going into the woods".

The file also included elements which could count against Mr Cazaly being the attacker, such as the fact that he was not identified in the ID parade.

A file was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service on 2 August.

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