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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 April, 2005, 11:22 GMT 12:22 UK
Parkinson's art highlights cause
A patient taking part in an exhibition of work by people with Parkinson's Disease
Martin King's poetry is on display
An exhibition of art by people with Parkinson's Disease in East Sussex is being used to highlight the condition.

One patient, poet Martin King, 46, has called for more support for patients. His GP told him to "go and buy a book" when he was diagnosed 13 years ago.

"Parkinson's is complicated. People should be referred to specialists. GPs should not give diagnoses," campaigner Gavin Gunter told BBC South East Today.

The exhibition in Wych Cross is being held during Parkinson's Awareness Week.

The Parkinson's Disease Society spokesman said: "I get called by people quite often by people saying they've been to their GP, who has perhaps given a diagnosis of Parkinson's.

"What we are saying as a society is, because Parkinson's is quite complicated, those people should be referred on."

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive, degenerative, neurological condition for which there is currently no cure and which affects one in 500 people.

Sufferers find increasing difficulty in moving their arms and legs. They develop tremors and facial tics, and gradually become more and more immobile.

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