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Heartbreak over death crash teens
Lee Carwardine
Lee Carwardine spoke of his family's grief
Family and friends of five teenagers killed when the stolen car they were in crashed into a wall have been visiting the scene to pay their respects.

Kelly Goring, 17, Daniel Carwardine and Danielle Martin, both 16, Barrie Mackay, 15, and Lee Morgan, 14, died in the accident near Hastings on Saturday.

Daniel's father Lee Carwardine said all the families were heartbroken adding: "It's just like a nightmare".

Investigators would not say if the car was being chased by police.

Daniel and Danielle were said to be grief stricken after attending the funeral of a 16-year-old girl from college, who had died of a brain tumour.

Charlene Lunnon, 16, said she was with Danielle, Daniel, and Kelly "messing around" and drinking beer in the graveyard of the Church-in-the-Wood church in St Leonards before the accident.

"I had no idea they were going to get into a car and definitely not that it was stolen... I nearly went with them but I decided to go home," she said.

It's a real tragedy and everyone is shocked
Michelle O'Callaghan, shopkeeper

Another friend, Sidney Ewing, 16, said: "This crash is a double blow for us because we lost another friend last week... we're all so shocked."

Mr Carwardine described his son, a trainee mechanic from St Leonards, as a good boy.

He said he first became worried when his son failed to return home on Friday night.

"I heard about the crash on the radio and went down to the scene and my stomach turned. I just knew he was involved and my heart missed a beat."

The mother of Danielle Martin spoke briefly at the scene of the crash of her "beautiful and perfect" daughter.

Coral Pasqua said: "She didn't smoke, she didn't take drugs and then this.

Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker said what happened left him "numb and shocked"

"We can't understand what she was doing in that car or why on earth she got into the car."

The accident happened at 0142 BST on Battle Road, St Leonards, shortly after the stolen Metro is believed to have struck a cyclist.

Police officers in a marked vehicle had spotted the Metro two minutes before the crash.

The force has refused to say if there was a police chase, but it has been confirmed a police car did not crash into the stolen Metro.

The car hit a lamppost, three walls and another car parked on a driveway.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating. Deputy commissioner Mike Franklin said: "We understand that they (officers) were at the accident scene very quickly so they could not have been far away.

"This tragedy is extremely distressing for everybody involved.

"The investigation into the circumstances has been continuing throughout the weekend and I will ensure that we get to the bottom of what happened and why."

The IPCC has refused to confirm whether the car was stolen.

But the car's owner, Matthew Baker, from St Leonards, East Sussex, told BBC South East Today it was taken from his house.

One of the victim's fathers speaks about the accident

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